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City of Lebanon Alert: Ward 3 Polling Location Change

From the City Clerk:

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the City Clerk, the spaces previously utilized at the AVA Art Gallery will not be available for our use during the March 9, 2021 election. With renovations at City Hall now complete, Ward 3 voting will once again be held at City Hall, in the City Council Chambers. Please be advised, the City Council Chambers are now located on the first floor of City Hall at 51 North Park Street, Lebanon. (Prior to renovations they were on the fifth floor.) An elevator is available for your use. Parking is available behind City Hall and around the park.

Letters containing this information will be mailed to all voters within Ward 3 and voters should expect to receive these letters next week. The only election scheduled for this year will be the March 9, 2021 Municipal Election.

The other polling locations for the City will remain the same: Ward 1 is at the Kilton Public Library and Ward 2 is at the Lebanon United Methodist Church.

The City Clerk's Office would like to thank the AVA Art Gallery for allowing us to use their space during the 2020 Election Cycle while City Hall was under construction. It was a beautiful space to hold our Elections and we are fortunate to have AVA in our community. We also thank our voters for their patience and understanding during this transition of the Ward 3 Polling Place.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the City Clerk’s office at 603-448-3054.

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