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Karen Liot Hill

Candidate for Executive Council District 2
20-yr Lebanon City Councilor & Former Mayor
8-yr Grafton County Treasurer
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Reproductive Freedom

 Karen will work to ensure that all families in NH have access to health care and mental health services. As Family Planning Contracts continue to be voted down by the Republican majority on the Executive Council, Karen will fight for all people to have access to cancer screenings, STI testing, contraception, and abortion.

reproductive freedom

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housing & childcare

Housing & Childcare

 Karen will fight for affordable housing so that working families have a place to live. She will fight for access to affordable healthcare and childcare so that people can work in NH’s small businesses. She will support career and technical schools to create a pipeline of future healthcare workers, engineers, fabricators, and small business owners.

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strong public schools
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Strong Public Schools

Karen will fight for public school students and teachers against the attacks coming from Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut and his mission to destabilize, defund, and destroy public education in New Hampshire. She will support fair funding for public education to take the burden off of local property taxpayers.

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climate change & resiliency
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Climate Change & Resiliency

Karen will lead in the fight against climate change from clean energy to fleet conversion, building out the state’s EV charging infrastructure, public transit, and more. Karen will champion resiliency efforts to help communities and the state respond to the impacts of climate change, including increasing storm events and rising temperatures.

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moder infr..
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Modern Infrastructure

Karen will advocate for the 81 cities and towns of District 2 and ensure that state and federal resources are targeted to parts of the state that are sometimes overlooked. She knows the state’s 10-year highway plan process, and she knows how to fight for her communities.

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